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State Laws
  • All ATV owners must apply for a title before selling or disposing of their ATV.
  • All ATVs operated on public property must be registered, renewing registration once every year.
  • No passengers are allowed at any time while the ATV is on public lands, unless the ATV is designed to carry a passenger.
  • ATV use on public streets is prohibited, except to cross these roads or for agricultural purposes.
  • All operators under 14 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
  • While on public lands, all operators must have a safety certificate or be with an adult who has obtained a safety certificate.
  • ATVs shall not be operated from hour after sunset to hour before sunrise without a lighted taillight and headlight.
State Agency that Regulates ATVs: Department of Public Safety. View their Web Site: Training: Click here to learn how to enroll in an ATV safety training course near you!
Legislation: To view Texas' state ATV laws, click here

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State ATV Deaths
Total Reported Deaths (1982-2011):
*Data collection for 2008-2011
is ongoing
Reported Deaths (1982-2007): 478
Reported Deaths (2008-2011):
*Data collection for 2008-2011
is ongoing
Reported Deaths (1982-2007):
Children under 16

"The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is providing the abovementioned information on state laws for your convenience. CPSC is expressing no opinion on any of these various requirements. To ensure full compliance with the laws in your state, CPSC recommends that ATV owners and riders check with their state government or legislative officials for a detailed list of off-road vehicle laws and regulations."

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